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GR8MOVES serves many different sectors in total relocation management

GR8MOVES can help!

As the corporate mover of choice, Gr8moves enjoys relationships with local and multinational corporations across numerous industry sectors

Beyond our commitment to delivering service excellence through our Total Relocation Management programme, we also assist corporations with their GCC expansion plans through GCC Solutions, our group partner that provides business services including company incorporation, government liaison, and on-going administrative support.

Oil & Gas, Construction, Finance, Hospitality

Whilst Kuwait’s economy is dominated by the Oil & Gas sector, the Construction, Finance and Hospitality sectors – among others – also play a key role. Corporations within these sectors require reliable relocation services providers. Working closely with HR personnel, Gr8moves  staff recognize the importance of understanding the differing corporate relocation policies across these sectors.

Government – Embassies

Some sectors have unique requirements and challenges which require local expertise. Gr8moves has a demonstrated history of managing relocations for members of the Diplomatic Core at various Embassies. In order to perform effectively, the Gr8moves Move Managers are fully conversant with regulations, documentation and other requirements to manage the import and export of diplomatic shipments.

Military & Defense

With ex British army management, Gr8moves is familiar with the nature of military mobility, and the challenges facing military families on the move. Having handled military shipments for decades, the Gr8moves team are also very familiar with the processes and unique requirements for importing and exporting shipments for military personal.

Fairs, Events & Exhibitions

Meeting the requirements for this important, growing sector requires skilled carpenters, experienced packers and detailed planning and preparation. The Gr8moves team manage regulatory approvals required to hold temporary events, including exhibitions held locally and overseas. Our team is familiar with the crucial process of obtaining temporary import, export and reimport permits, ensuring your event is a success.