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GR8MOVES can help!

Total Relocation Management

GR8MOVES is the relocations business of a group of companies dedicated to corporate mobility, and corporate business services. We provide Total Relocation Management, incorporating moving and settling-in services for corporate and private customers. As a validated member of the International Association of Movers (IAM), with a worldwide network of reliable service partners, our reach, from our base in Kuwait, is global. With British/American management, a team diverse in culture, language and skills, GR8MOVES is a company of ‘expats moving expats’.

Moving Services

Through our global network of accredited Service Partners, the scope of our services includes move management from Kuwait (Outbound), to Kuwait (Inbound) and even Third-Country Moves (Not involving Kuwait).

Outbound – Transferee leaving Kuwait

The process for an outbound move is as follows:

  • Conduct pre-move survey
  • Submit service proposal
  • Packing
  • Customs clearance and export
  • Shipping to destination port
  • Service partner customs clearance and delivery to residence


Inbound – Transferees arriving in Kuwait

The process for an inbound move is as follows:

  • Pre-move survey at origin with the Gr8moves service partner
  • Submit service proposal
  • Packing at origin with the Gr8moves service partner
  • Customs clearance and export
  • Shipping to Shuwaikh port
  • Gr8moves customs clearance and delivery to residence


Third Country – Transferee outside Kuwait

The process for a third country move (Where the origin and destination are outside Kuwait) is as follows:

  • Pre-move survey at origin with the Gr8moves service partner
  • Gr8moves contact service partner in destination country
  • Submit service proposal
  • Packing by Gr8moves service partner at origin
  • Customs clearance and export
  • Shipping to destination port
  • Gr8moves service partner in destination country customs clearance and delivery to residence


Contact us to find out more about our ancillary services, such as Handyman, or maid services.

Transit Protection

The Gr8moves packers are industry veterans and will pack to a standard that would normally withstand the rigors of an international move. However, it should be noted that your possessions are handled by several third-party vendors during the course of the process. Transport by land, air or sea involves loading to trucks, shipping vessels and aircraft, transit through ports, changing weather conditions, and other elements. Comprehensive All-Risks insurance cover is highly recommended to protect your possessions against risks inherent in the process.

Secure Storage

The office and warehouse are co-located in Shuwaikh Industrial 1, opposite port Shuwaikh, just a five minute drive from the port. The warehouse is accessed through a gated area and the facility is manned 24/7. Close proximity to the port allows us to speedily deliver export Shipments from warehouse to port, and import shipments from port to warehouse. The warehouse has 400 sqm of storage space.

Long Term Storage

Ideal for long term storage where the items are held for weeks, months, or even years.

Short-Term Storage

Ideal for short term storage and Storage-In-Transit (S.I.T.), where a shipment will be stored prior to dispatch or delivery.


Fine Art Shipping Crates

When handling a sculpture, centuries old fragile artifacts, or valuable paintings, packing requirements will differ. It is essential to ensure appropriate materials are used. Acid-free paper, or glassine are not only pH neutral, but air, water and grease resistant, thereby offering protection in transit. After packing, items are placed into customised crates — the best option for added protection in transit. We have a demonstrated history of packing and transporting artwork and artefacts for individual collectors or galleries, exhibitions and museums. Our team is well-versed in the export and import procedures— including re-import, which may be required for travelling exhibitions that will eventually return to origin.

Vehicles and Pets


Understanding the local regulations for exporting or importing privately owned vehicles (POV) is key, as is knowing the documentation required and the process to follow. Handling vehicles is a major part of our business and our experienced staff will be present throughout the process to assist with documentation at government agencies.



At Gr8moves we understand our pets are not commodities, but members of the family. For your own peace of mind during a pet transfer, our experts will keep you appraised of medical requirements, airline regulations, customs formalities, and safe delivery to re-join the family at destination.

Destination Services

School Search

International schools are available in Kuwait, but availability may be sparse depending on the curriculum of choice. We will research schools based on requirements outlined in the completed Needs Analysis that will be completed and returned to us and arrange interviews accordingly.


Home Search

Villas and apartments are plentiful in Kuwait. However, it may be challenging to find the right accommodation in the desired location. We will research local accommodation and arrange viewings accordingly.


Area Orientation

Understanding the geographic areas of Kuwait, and the location of new office, schools, accommodation, medical facilities, shopping and other features are taken into consideration based personal priorities. Our Area Orientation programme is planned based on the priorities outlined in the completed Needs Analysis and arranged according to those priorities.

Corporate Relocation Services

At Gr8moves we understand the importance of time management, and how corporate Human Resources professionals handle ever-increasing workloads in challenging environments. We also understand that new hires are not a regular part of that workload. Taking care of new hires is often seen as an addition to the normal daily schedule. The Gr8moves Corporate Relocations Services programme is developed to be an effective support mechanism for corporate Human Resources staff. Our dedicated Corporate Relocation Services programme includes policy assistance, including policy derivation for companies yet to implement a relocations policy. We provide advice on relocation allowances, drafting service level agreements, identifying key performance indicators, preparing periodic performance reviews and quality assurance reports based on feedback from corporate transferees. Our pro-active approach allows us to adapt to change where necessary and to ensure expectations are met.

Corporate Business Services

GCC Solutions

GCC Solutions is a leading corporate business services provider in the Middle East providing market entry, local partnership and government liaison services across the Middle East. We assist corporate clients with company incorporation, legal structuring, licensing and government liaison services. We support local and international organisations across a broad spectrum of sectors that wish to incorporate, expand or restructure their business in the region. Our team of experienced professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment and are well versed in company licensing and corporate structuring services.